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Sukošan detail
Sukošan detail
Sukošan is a settlement on the Zadar Riviera, situated east of Zadar, between Bibinje and Sveti Petar. The place has a medieval part settled around the St. Cassian of Imola's Church - the church that gave the village its name. Sukošan is known for its Marina Dalmacija, the largest marina on Croatia's Adriatic coast, located on the western end of Sukošan.

Dječji Raj Beach
Dječji Raj Beach
Except the marina and the harbor in the center, bathing and swimming is possible all along the coastline. Amongst the beaches the most popular is Dječji Raj, the "children's paradise". Being the nearest beach to the village center, and also due to its mainly gravel (and partly concrete covered and sandy) shore, Dječji Raj can become overcrowded during this high season. For tranquility one would go on the natural, unarranged and gravel beaches on the eastern end of Sukošan (below Tustica) or at Cape Tratica - these, however, lack amenities. More services can be found on the somewhat bald Zlatna Luka Beach (by the marina) and on Makarska Beach on the eastern side - these two are gravel beaches, too. Naturists can find their beach of choice on the western side of Punta.

Honoring the expectations of a popular resort, Sukošan offers shops, restaurants, bars, pastry shops and other services to its guests.

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The ruins of Palac, summer residence of Zadar's archibishop
The ruins of Palac, summer residence of Zadar's archibishop

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Events in and around Sukošan

» Pre-Owned Boat Fair and Wine and Cheese Days - Rogoznica, 26-29 Sep
» Jasmin Stavros - Solin, 5 Oct
» Tomislav Bralić and Klapa Intrade - Krk, 7 Oct
» Fažana's Delights and Delicacies - Fažana, 12 Oct
» Kestenijada - Oprtalj, 12 Oct


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